Attention Jv’s & Affiliates: The Ultimate Agency Offer With The Perfect Timing Is Here...

What Happens When You Combine An In Demand Service That Is Completely DONE FOR YOU And A Marketplace Of Over 58,000,000 People Looking For That VERY Same Service?


Attractive Offer | ‘Right On Time’ USP | High Converting Funnel &

Combine This MAGNETIC And SUPER Converting Sales Copy And Funnel, Sprinkle In Our Easy Prizes Throughout The Entire Launch And You Get One Heck Of A Promotion.



Create & Sell Multimedia Assets In A Marketplace Of Over 58,000,000 ACTIVE Buyers..

Why Is It The ULTIMATE Agency Offer?

Everybody Now On JVZOO Have At Least 1 Stock Product They Bought, stock launches have been all over the place and no longer exciting, regardless of the package.

But now your customers will be able to monetize it EASILY, because we bring a MARKETPLACE with STOCK LEADS and all they have to do is to sell the stock resources to already interested clients.

And just in case they don’t have a stock membership, we are giving everything DFY with millions of unique premium stock resources and “ready to sell” packages.

So in a nutshell, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to make money today selling stock resources, for the first time ever.

Here’s Why This Is An EASY Promotion...

This Is Going To Be A CONVERTER..







11:00 AM EDT

  • 00Days
  • 00Hours
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August 25th, 11:59PM EST

August 25th, 11:59PM EST

August 25th, 11:59PM EST

August 25th, 11:59PM EST

So What’s The USP & Are We Trustworthy To Keep The Product Running After Launch?


Steve tari

Deepanker rajora

Hey affiliates and jv’s! My name is Steve Tari, and I bet you’re wondering two things right now

1. What makes this unique and interesting

2. Can you trust us to keep supporting the product after launch

Deepanker rajora

Those are FANTASTIC questions and due to many vendors not properly supporting the products, I can understand why you’re hesitant to promote these days..

So let me re-assure you.
First, what makes it unique and interesting:

3 Reasons This Product Will Sell Like Hotcakes:


Hot Niche

People are DONE with stock launches, each customer has 25 different stock memberships on JVZOO and now it’s time to turn that into a profitable income stream, and make it a true business in a box.. It doesn’t really get better than that niche wise.



Next-Gen Technology + High Product Quality & Long Term Reliability (Feel free to do a yearly domain check to see if we’re still up)

MegaSuite isn’t just UNIQUE and an attractive offer…

Megasuite is also an EXTREMELY high quality product, well thought of, developed over time and is designed to support the customers for the long term


Well thought of & super tight sales funnel + BUNDLE webinars

Our sales funnel is impeccable, you can scroll below to see the details, but each upsell will touch both emotional and logical triggers and will make sure people see the value of the offer (and buy it!)

Plus paired with a special bundle deal, this is an offer your audience won’t be able to resist.

All Of Our Past Launches Are STILL UP & RUNNING, Over $2M in product sales and each and every one is still supported.

I have been behind several successful launches that have grossed over $1.9 Million in sales with consistent double-digit OTO and FE conversions. My most recent launch did $50k in 5 days.

And yes, each and every product is still up, running and being supported.


As an Affiliate, I have consistently supported countless launches and have been on the Top 5 Leaderboard of over 70% of them with multiple 4 to 5 figure campaigns.
I regularly deliver up to 300 sales for a launch, always finishing Top 10 for even
the most competitive leaderboards, so you can be rest assured that I will be coming hard for you.

When We Go Out We Go HARD, And Your Participation On This Launch Won’t Go Unnoticed!

I did a combined 5-figure promo for the VideoRemix
with over 248 sales on #SmartVideo Evolution.

I Also crushed Ifiok and Mario’s AdaComply launch with over 376 Sales

We also effortlessly delivered $7,769 promo for Chris Jenkins and Steve Rosenbaums EZDeals


I also sent over 122 and 170 Sales for Paul and Sid Diwar’s VideoCreator and Doodlemaker respectively…

I also recently sent $7k worth of sales of Ifiok Nkems CopyBlocks

I crushed Andrew Darius’s PictureNFTizer with over 50 sales

My self Deepanker S Rajora. Basically I’m working as a video marketer since 2012 and served to various kind of clients arround the world and always I need multimedia assets like 2d cartoon, music, 3d character for my video projects and I’ve so many memberships and spents almost $10,000 in this still paying because all kind of plans are recurring. So One day my brother proposed that we build the app like marketplace that will allows our customers including newbies to setup their own marketplace that has multimedia elements, stock videos, audios, videos, avatars, etc. This will help everyone including none-techies make profit online.

See The Kind Of Results Our Customers Are Getting And Crushing It Online!

Stanley Cole

Stanley Cole generated Over $28,697 In 5 Weeks Selling Digital Media Assets to Freelancers and local businesses…

"Hi Team, I would love to thank you guys for the effort you’ve put into this app. After login in and getting started, within 5 minutes I had executed an easy business plan. After successfully connecting my Paypal, I received full payment for two video gigs and mockup assets within the first week.

Scaling this wasn’t difficult, so far I have made over $28,697 in combined sales within four weeks without creating anything myself. What’s even more exciting is that I can see many more use cases of MegaSuite.

Honestly, I can’t thank you guys enough for this. All I can say is that you have gotten a customer for life.

Thank you so much for a great product and great support.”

Sarah Stelling

Steve, MegaSuite is a super crazy deal. How are you guys giving this much for so much less? I'm definitely referring everyone I know

Felipe Suarez

Closed 19 Clients Who Paid Us A Combined $6k - Straight From The Lead App

We were a little bit skeptical about MegaSuite, But we took a leap of faith and contacted our first client,

After the chat he got impressed with the qualify of stocks and digital assets we have, he introduced us to two of his freelancer friends who were already frustrated with the exorbitant charges from Shutterstocks and themeforest. So convincing them wasn’t difficult. Lol

With each of them having an average of 5 gigs per week, we’re in a some hot monthly recurring revenue. I’m elated 😀

Jonathan Russel

It’s barely 19 days days that I got started with MegaSuite and I have already closed two projects worth $2k each. With my experience so far, I can easily call MegaSuite a complete done for you Business suite and that doesn’t even say it all.

With the easy access to targeted buyers and local businesses within the app, finally I’m making profits from all the Stock and agency apps I had purchased in the past.

Ruth De la cruz

After following the step by step training provided, I was able to generate 475 quality leads with 6 days. I have sent a follow up message to all of them, so far I have already at least one item to 21 of them, while I just got a $1,200 payment for an across the funnel. I believe these are early days but I always give you update on my progress.

Thank for your concern.

Matthew Gibson

Phew! Thanks for accepting me into Beta Testers program.

Because of my time constraint, I have only been able to explore just 3 tools but already impressed. The more I have used this app, the more confident I am of finishing 2022 stronger than I began. I had always struggled with running ads for my business because nothing seems to work for me. The more I tried, the more I spent, and the more disappointed I become.

With MegaSuite I got 952 leads with zero ad spend. So far, my store have sold over $6k and we’ve contacted only a few of the leads.

Vivian Nonso


This is an envato, themeforest, shutterstock, canva, and Fiverr killer combined. Thank you for this great Tool that’s so perfect for scaling my online Business without any hardwork.!


Here Are The Features of This Absolute Beast


Key Benefits Of These Features To The Customer

Done For You Marketplace With Sellable Stock Assets

Save tens of thousands on cost of developing a marketplace like Envato, Shutterstock, etc

Searchable and Browsable Cloud-Based Store

Your customers can easily search your marketplace store for stocks for over 3 MillionPremium Royalty-Free HD+ & 4K Stock Videos, Images, Vectors,

Intuitive Dashboard

There is shortcuts of some most useful apps

Multiple Payment Gateways

Provide your global customers with multiple payment options that they can pay you with. These are diverse payment gateways namely Stripe, PayPal, Paystack, Flutterwave, Razorpay, Mollie, Skrill, Mercado Pago, CoinGate, Paymentwall

Provide your customers with an elegant user experience with our readymade Product library with 50+ Categories and 1000+ Elements like Grapchis, Logos, Mockups, Videos templates, Explainer Videos, Music, Social Media posts, website pages and alot more filled with proper descriptions.

Unlimited FREE Traffic

Sharable Product link to post anywhere like social media sites, blogs, etc to drive viral traffic and sales.

AI Generate Avatar Builder

It’s very easy, our system will generate avatar automatically for you to sell.

Custom Avatar Generator

This option is for who want to generate own avatar in this feature you can change the color, cloths,eair,eyebrow,face,hair etc

AI Generate 3d Cartoon Character

It’s very easy, our system will generate 3d Cartoon Character automatically for for you to sell

Thousands of Video Templates

We are giving thousands of video templates in different diff categories like ,facebooks, insta, et

Customize your Digital Store or Marketplace

Upload saleable creative elements like images, videos, characters to your taste

See Megasuite In Action Here:

Getting Started With Megasuite Is As Easy As Taking



The Multimedia Assets You’d Like To Sell & In 1 Click Generate A Page, A Licence & File along with a cart and a unique design ready for traffic and sales.


58,000,000 ACTIVE Buyers with multiple client getting features, a traffic generation blueprint + features, and social sharing.


Payment & Deliver The Asset/Package Automatically

Check Out What Premium Affiliates and Vendors Have To Say About Us

For the past couple of years, I’ve worked with Steve as both a vendor and an Affiliate and I can deeply commend his work ethic and commitment to his customers and products.

Work with him, you’re in good hands.

Abhi Dwivdi

MegaSuite one of the best products we have came across and used, the features it offers at such a less price are wonderful. And Deepanker & Steve are the great guys to work with. We would highly recommend to not miss a chance promote this.

Adrian & Cristan

Steve loves his customers and his recip game is
top-notch… Be rest assured, you and your
customers are in safe hands.


Steve is a top affiliate who doesn’t launch often
but when he does, he brings quality products with
kickass marketing.

Neil Napier

Steve is a very good affiliate and has driven lots of sales to my promotions and products. When he has something ready for market I pay attention. He really cares for his customers and create quality solutions to solve problems and help them to make money. He is an excellent partner to have and I love working with him. I'm sure this next release will be a blockbuster as well

Sam Bakker


We build our funnels to maximise your EPCs and over-deliver value. People love our products and we make sure we boost your commissions to the MAX…


$37 - $47

50% commission



50% commission



50% commission


$147 Yearly

50% commission



50% commission



50% commission

Check Out Our High Converting & Super Smooth Funnel:

OTO1: ($97) MegaSuite
Marketplace Unlimited

This is the unlimited version of MegaSuite

OTO2: ($67) MegaSuite Marketplace

MegaSuite Pro gives users access to even extra features comprising of an all in one suite with auto generated multimedia elements like Graphics, videos, images, music, etc.

Searchable and Browsable Cloud-Based Stock Media Platform:

Easily search and browse through millions of HD royalty-free premium stocks such as icons, images, videos, audios, vectors, etc.

AI Generate 3d Cartoon Character: It's very easy, our system will generate 3d Cartoon Characters automatically for you to sell, these sell along with your avatars and also include custom creation

Custom Avatar Generator: This option is if you want to generate your own avatar and create something unique for your clients, these sell for up to thousands a pop. You can change the color, cloths,eair,eyebrow,face,hair etc

AI Generate Avatar Builder: It's very easy, our system will generate avatar automatically for you to sell, these sell for hundreds a pop.

6-in-1 Solid Tools In 1 Beautiful Intuitive Dashboard: Super intuitive dashboard packs 9-in-1 tools in one easy-to-navigate Dashboard!

BG Remover : Completely eliminate tedious editing time by using our smart AI to perfectly remove image backgrounds.

Image Editor : Edit photos and create stunning designs… Easily create and share impactful images, social graphics, or animated designs that stand out on any channel, any device. Comes with awesome features like resize, filters, crop, transform, draw, text, shapes, stickers, frame, corners, background, merge, history, and one click save in png.

Video Editor : Start Editing your videos without the hassle of buying expensive software. Our powerful and easy online video editor simplifies the process of video editing for all. This powerful and intuitive video editor comes with everything from filters, effects, templates, stickers, tools, and more!

Music Generator : AI-powered music maker generates unique music across 9+ different categories. Mix and match to your specification and choice.

More Searchable HD Stock Images : A Searchable And Browsable 2 Million+ HD Royalty-Free Stock Images

More HD Videos : A Searchable And Browsable royalty-free videos from searchable library among 1M + stocks videos

Premium Stock Vectors : A Searchable And Browsable premium Vector assets from over 2M + stock vectors

Music Library : 25k+ stock music files with Live preview, play and download

Text to Speech : Create real sounding human-sounding voiceovers from any text in 50+ languages in a few clicks…

100+ High-converting Marketing Video templates : 100+ Done For You high converting marketing video template that increases your clicks & helps you to get sales faster.

More Stock Icons : A Searchable And Browsable icons across 1200+ library… All editable. You can easily customize bg color, icon size, opacity, shadow, border, and download it in 1 click

All videos templates can be downloaded and edited in powerpoint

OTO 3: ($147 Yearly) or $37/Month MegaSuite Template Club
(100 New Templates Every Month for 12 Months)

Video Templates 15
Graphic Templates
Animated Charaters
Music and Sound Effects
HTML/Wordpress Pages
Powerpoint Presentations
3D Charaters
2D Characters and Poses
Logo Reveals
Explainer Video Templates

OTO 4: ($197) MegaSuite Reseller

OTO 5: ($47) MegaSuite MaxConsult

OVER $10,000


Contests include










Additional Contests Will Be Announced During Launch..

Plus even more individual and “everyone wins” contests to be announced.


All contests are based on gross revenue.

Minimums apply to each contest (To qualify for bonus prizes, your Commissions (Net Sales) must equal or be greater than the prize being given away).

All contests are individuals, No Teams.


I Bring The Heat To My Partners, Here Are Some Of My Previous Launch Stats And Leaderboards Below...







Below Are Just Few Of The 50, 100 And 200+ Front End Sales Promos We Did For Our Jv Partners! And We Can Do The Same For You…

Here Are Few Of The Random Leaderboards We Have Been Featured In And That I Can Find In The Inbox Right At The Moment:

High Converting


Want an easy 4-fig/5-fig promo? Grab these high-converting swipes and make tons of easy sales. Make sure you edit them and give your own unique touch for maximum results!

We Are Going To Make You Lots Of Money While Helping Your Customers!

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